Group Rules

Cincinnati Photographers Facebook Group Rules

It is YOUR responsibility to carefully read and understand the rules.

  1. When posting photos, please keep it to one post per 24 hour period.  Tell us about the photo(s) you are posting… Why do you want to show it to us? What is special about it? What difficulties did you have to overcome to take it?
  2. If you are looking for Critic or Comments, please say so in your post so that members post their thoughts.
  3. If you do not ask for C&C, none will be offered. IF A POST ASKS FOR NO CC and you do not follow the original posters wishes, your comment will be deleted and you may be removed from the group. Rude behavior may result in your removal from the group.
  4. This is NOT a yard sale group.  Posting items for sale that do not relate to photography will result in your post being deleted and possibly having your membership revoked.
  5. This group is not for advertising your business. Posts looking for followers or clients will be deleted and you may have your membership revoked. Posts with blatant self/friend’s promotions (“like/follow my page” “like/follow my Instagram/twitter/LinkedIn/Tumblr/or….” and all such requests included) is not permitted in this Group. No advertising for anything non-photography related. No spamming.  No posting asking for votes in a contest.

    The three exceptions to this rule are as follows; studio space, photography competitions, and photography education.

  6. Be respectful to other members. No name calling. If you want to debate something do it in a professional manner.  This is not the appropriate forum to air your issues with other photographers.  If you have a dispute with another person, take it up privately or on your Facebook page.  Posts disparaging another photographer will be deleted and you may lose your membership to this group. 
  7. The Cincinnati Photographers group is very diverse.  All posts MUST be inclusive to everyone.
  8. DO NOT post photos or other work that is not your own without permission!
  9. When posting items for sale, you MUST include the following, the price, a description of the item(s), and at least one photo of the item(s).  Posts not including these will be deleted.
  10. When posting jobs, you MUST include the following: rate of pay, date(s) of shoot(s), # of hours, skill level needed, shoot location, and contact information.  If you’re hiring, please also include if it’s full or part-time and where to apply.  Jobs that pay with ‘exposure’, will be deleted as these are almost always a bad deal for the photographer.
  11. WARNING: Under no circumstances should you post a “What would you do?” post if you are not directly involved in the situation.

    Unless you are the photographer or the client, do not post these type of scenarios. It is irresponsible to make a comment about a situation we know nothing about. Photographers run their business how they choose and clients hire their photographers how they choose. It is between them only. We’ve have had two posts that I know of like this. One of which turned into putting the photographer on full blast resulting in people from this forum going to their page (and Google) and leaving bad reviews. Very unprofessional.

    It is easy to type our opinions on these matters and most of us have done it in the past but we should refrain…..ABSOLUTELY we shouldn’t be leaving reviews about people we do not personally know.

    In the future, these type of posts will be deleted and if subjects of the situation are named in the post, the OP will be removed from the group without warning. Anyone in this group found leaving bad reviews on other photographers pages will be banned from the group.

  12. All discussion shall be kept to the topic of photography only.  Discussion of politics, religion, or social issues  always leads to anger and hostility so it is not allowed. 
  13. It’s okay to disagree, but we must respect each other.  Harassment, badgering, threatening, attacking, etc. against any member or admin, will result in your loss of membership and you will be blocked from the group.  
  14. Blocking the admins is prohibited and will result in losing your group membership.

Everyone will be held accountable for their posts and comments.  Cincinnati Photographers has no obligation to spend time sending you warnings or explanations if the admins choose to terminate your membership, which is FREE.  Any violation of the rules may result in your removal from the group.

If you have an issue, contact one of the admins privately.